5 Signs It’s a Good Time to Replace Your Current Roof

Our roof is an important part of what keeps us safe. They provide shelter from severe weather and ensure you are comfortable. Unfortunately, roofs have an expiration date and will roof replacement. If you aren’t sure when you should replace your roof, here are four signs to watch out for.

5 Signs It's a Good Time to Replace Your Current Roof

Your Roof is Old

As stated before, our roof’s have a lifespan, which lasts about twenty years. If your roof is about to have it’s twentieth birthday, you should replace your roof.

Energy Bills Are Increasing

One of the reasons your utility bills could be increasing is because of your roof. The roof acts as a shield and if it’s not doing its job, your heat and air conditioning will work harder.

The Shingles Are In Bad Shape

You actually don’t have to get on your roof to see the state of your shingles. If they look worn, a group of shingles is missing, or they are broken, you should replace your roof.

Your Roof is Sagging

A sagging roof is a clear sign to replace your roof. Water damage or too much weight from ice and snow can result in roof sagging.

Roof Flashing is Damaged

If there seems to be any lifting, cracking, or separation of flashing on your roof, you should have a professional roofer come out. It could be a sign you need to replace your roof.

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