How Gutters Protect Your Home


Gutters protect your roof and home from the damaging effects of rainfall.

Most people understand that a home needs a gutter system, but don’t know exactly why. Sure, it has something to do with rainfall, but how could rain possibly damage a house? Also, what’s the  big deal when you neglect to clean your gutters?

In reality, gutter systems play a central role in the protection of your home. In order to work well, they must exist in good working order, and occasionally need replacement. 

How Gutters Work

A gutter works as an integral part of your roof drainage system. As rainfall cascades down onto the roof, the gutter transports it away from the house. Gutters play the long game as far as protecting your home. While a single storm would not destroy your roof, continued rainfall over a long period of time most certainly would.

Water seeks entry to your roof and attic through every nook and cranny. If water collects near your house, as it would without gutters, it deals serious damage to your foundation. Water acts as a corrosive agent, and destroys wood and stone that it comes into prolonged exposure with. As rain falls on your roof, your drainage system channels it away from the more vulnerable areas to your gutter. As long as the gutters exist in fine working order, they then transport the water away from the house.

How to Maintain Your Gutters

The most obvious piece of maintenance comes from a yearly or biannual cleaning. A gutter must remain relatively free of leaves and debris to work properly. Aside from this, gutter systems will occasionally need replacement. If you notice sagging, rust, or separation from the roof, then the gutters can no longer adequately perform their job.

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