What You Need To Know About Your Roof’s Flashing

Roof Flashing

Is Your Roof Flashing In Need Of Repairs Or Replacement?

On every traditional shingle roof, you will find something called flashing. The flashing, though often overlooked by homeowners, actually plays a vital role in the protection of your home. Without it, your home is in danger of a lot of damages! Today we will explain what you need to know about your roof’s flashing!

To begin, the flashing is used to protect the edges and seams of your roof. Made from thin metal panels, the flashing bridges the gap between your shingles, and the edge, seams, and exposed areas of your roof. This means that any damaged flashing can leave your roof vulnerable to leaks. Roof leaks can impact your ceilings, insulation, walls, and the roofing itself, and must be repaired right away to prevent further damages. Since the flashing also works with your roof’s drainage, and rainfall will be directed towards your flashing, which means you will certainly experience leaks if you have any damages on your flashing. In order to avoid leaks, here are a few ways you can tell if your flashing is in need of repair or replacement:


Older homes typically use roofer cement or tar that serves as flashing, as opposed to modern metal. When any of these materials begin to degrade, repairs are essential. A simple check-up can reveal if your flashing his too old. Rust or Corrosion


Metal flashing, though very durable, is still metal, and can be susceptible to rust or corrosion.  Rust indicates that the flashing itself is now sensitive to rainfall, and needs immediate repairs.

Roof Leaks

While this is a bit late to notice damage, it is a key indicator that needs to be repaired immediately. Due to its role in your roof’s drain system, select parts of flashing display additional vulnerability to rainfall. Areas that have started to leak need to get replaced as soon as possible, as flashing’s only purpose is to protect your roof from damages!

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