Tips for Filing in Insurance Claims for Roof Repair

Insurance Claim Tips for Roof Repair

lightningHas your roof encountered a severe hail storm and needs repair? The first and most important thing to do when filing an insurance claim to repair your roofing system, is to set up an appointment with a roofing contractor, so he can let you know exactly how much everything will cost and what products and materials you exactly need to get the best compensation to get your roof back to the way it was. Make sure to look out for some roofing contractors who try to take advantage of you and your insurance company by telling you that you need to buy more products that you aren’t required to repair the damage to your roof.

After getting in touch with your insurance company, they will will make an appointment with you to check out the damages at your home. It’s vital to let your roofing company know when they will be there, so they can do the measurements together and your more comfortable with the cost outcome. After all parties agree on the cost and services, your insurance company will send you a 5-10 page packet with a check for the amount owed to your roofing company.

To make sure you get your full compensation for your insurance claim, follow these tips that will ensure that can happen:

  • Get in touch with an honest and reliable roofing company
  • Let your insurance company know of the exact damages done to the roof
  • Have your roofer there during the estimate meeting with your insurance company
  • Make sure you note ALL of the damages
  • Make sure compensation is up to standard for the damages needed to repair.

Having roof trouble is never fun, especially premature damage caused by extreme weather storms. To have a smooth roof repair that will get it back to the way it was, follow these steps mentioned above, and there should be no problem!